Died Days After H1N1 Vaccination

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Died Days After H1N1 Vaccination


The family of a 38-year-old woman who died five days after receiving the H1N1 shot are left wondering what happened to their loved one.

Soo Lee Wong and her daughter Angela Truong both got the H1N1 shot on Nov. 5.

Wong, who had diabetes, started getting sick a day after getting vaccinated and died a few days later, says her family.

Doctors told the family Wong died of a blood infection. More tests will be done to see if the vaccine played any role.

"I don't know what happened," said Wong's husband, Thoon Truong.

He is also caring for his seven-year-old daughter Angela, who has been in the hospital with a fever and swollen, painful legs.

"I'm just really concerned. Are they related to the H1N1 shot or to something else? We really want to know the answer," said Nancy Tam, Wong's sister-in-law.

The province is currently investigating two deaths. Both adults died within seven days of getting the H1N1 shot. Although it's still early, Manitoba's chief medical officer of health Dr. Joel Kettner says immunizations were not likely the cause of the deaths.

Because of privacy concerns, the province will not say if Wong's death is one of the cases under investigation.

VAC's comments:

I feared that this could happen, because many, especially with the Pandemrix vaccines in Europe, with underlying conditions are as much at risk from the man made vaccine as they are from the man made flu.
Seeing as WHO said in Ukraine, analyzing the strain found that it was more like that of a flu vaccine, seem to be letting the cat finally out of the bag, that this thing was created in a lab in the first place, released with the intention to make money as the Polish PM gave it away when he said the makers are pressuring government to buy.

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