Antichrist beautifully robed Fathers act like Lord

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Antichrist beautifully robed Fathers act like Lords over the spiritually blind people - 2 Matt.7.v21:- "Not everyone who says to me, 'Lord, Lord,' will enter into the Royal Kingdom of God and not this corruption, the Kingdom of Heaven; but he who does the will of my Father who is in heaven."
In Jesus, we have One Father. This is well known to most but still they address men dressed in Robes as Fathers. These robed Fathers are anti-christ and behave like Lords ordering people what to do and they have great political powers too. And those who know this fact; they too keep quite as if they are dumb or have put their Lights under Bushel and not on the Lampstand.

This amply reflected in the spiritually dead people especially the University Professors who have no idea what is Building the House of God on Rock or Sand? Such a simple and basic question they cannot answer, then how would they understand more difficult Gospel Parables? The New Testament is full of the Parables and this Rock and Sand is a Parable known only to those who know our Father and do not believe in these robed antichrist Church Fathers.

Such spiritually dead people address Christ Jesus as Lord as they do to their robed antichrist Church Fathers, who in turn would act like Fathers over their sons ordering them what to do. Although Messianic Popes killed many by throwing them before the animals or by burning at stakes, yet people have not awakened to know our Father God, Liberator. All this confusion has been created by the Messianic Jews of Judah tribe who expelled the Apostles from the Judea region, the most spiritually sick people and then they created Presbyters and Bishops organisations based upon Mammon. That is why none of those present at the London LSE Forum knew what is Rock and what is Sand? So, those of you who know this basic Parable, they are the one whose names are written in the Book of God or they are pre-destined. So, please do not put the light under the Bushel but go to Churches and tell them that a truthful person has his House standing on solid Rock whilst a Liar, the saltless person, on Sand. Peter did not allow Liars to enter the Church of God whereas today, the dog-collared people themselves are slaves to Mammon and talk about the Freedom of Christ Jesus that none of them enjoy or they are thrown out of the Churches for glorifying God. They are suppose to keep their Congregations bogged down in prayer never giving them a chance to ask questions ask, seek and knock is not allowed by them otherwise their hypocrisy would be exposed.

So, please beware of these dog-collared wolves in sheeps clothing. They are the blind guide of the blind who have no clue to the Royal Kingdom of God but of Mammon whose servants they are.

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