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ALIEN IMPLANTS - The Truth - Part 2


  • Doclottalove#

    Doclottalove June 10, 2011 11:54:24 AM CEST

    I think HE is an alien... LOL*Thanks for you sharp comment, Martha !Doc

  • Marthalien#

    Marthalien February 11, 2011 2:56:43 PM CET

    The man talks as if there was nothing going on!Honored?The worst is that are people that think exactly this way!Nice chapter, Mr. Doc.

  • Doclottalove#

    Doclottalove February 26, 2010 4:34:31 AM CET

    Thanks, again...Doc

  • anonymous#

    anonymous November 26, 2009 11:44:20 PM CET

    Very good, in deed!I'm shocked!

  • Doclottalove#

    Doclottalove November 22, 2009 6:30:05 PM CET

    Thank you "Vivi"; now it's OK here too !I don't know what it was...Thanks for your quick reply !Doc

  • Vivianezzz#

    Vivianezzz November 22, 2009 6:25:42 PM CET

    No, Doc. No warning can be seen.It's all right.BTW... uploading a new series! It's good!Cheers!

  • Doclottalove#

    Doclottalove November 22, 2009 6:14:44 PM CET

    Can anybody see this "Warning" shown into this file ?Warning: Division by zero in /var/www/vhosts/disclose.tv/httpdocs/general/viewVideo.php on line 2372Please... gimme a feedback, please.Doc

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