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People in the Punjab are Mammon orientated whilst those in the South India, they are God orientated with the result, the people of the South are more educated, less bribe and they are honest whereas of the Punjab, they are the crooks. In the South, each person has four elements in his name. His first name, father's name, village name and finally his surname. By the name of the person, his or her identity is established and so such a person then behaves as the salt of the earth. People love each other as they had been doing so for so many centuries. By definition of a Hindu, he is one who knows his identity. Such people are Hindu to the very roots. As they are the sons of Man, the salt of the earth, they have conscience or we call SHARM or family shame. If any one of them does a bad thing, the victim would go to his family and put them to shame. Shame and faith form a pair that we call SHARM DHARM. Because they have shame and faith in God, they hardly need any Saint and St.Thomas was enough for them. Whereas, the people up North India especially of the Punjab having no such identity or no SHARM DHARM, that Satguru Nanak Dev Ji, the Second coming of hrist Jesus had to appear among them, the cheat and crooks. Ten Lights appeared in the Punjab to sort out the satanic people. That is why there are many divorces in the Punjab than in the South India and same goes with the services and people.

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