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  • Nano63a
  • uploaded: Nov 27, 2009
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  • Weseekanfreekoh#

    Weseekanfreekoh February 1, 2010 9:53:15 AM CET

    ahh! thats how they built these ancient civilised monuments,someone had to move those big blocks.. and then ahh! the cataclysum wiped out the dinosaurs to and they were big too..

  • Cosmonaut#

    Cosmonaut November 28, 2009 6:15:27 AM CET


  • Pauldamo#

    Pauldamo November 28, 2009 5:35:10 AM CET

    yes they are faked,they were for a competition of some sort,photos of real skeletons enlarged and with people photo-shopped into the images.

  • Badrobot#

    Badrobot November 28, 2009 5:19:07 AM CET

    Ok if there not fake which museum are they in? Pindz shouldnt you be on balloon watch or something? Your mothership awaits you.lol you are one of most stupid idiot i ever seen. and when have you seen me? or is that fake to?

  • Amunophis#

    Amunophis November 28, 2009 3:08:34 AM CET

    ALOT of "worth1000" stuff going on, if you look at the one where the guy is shoveling by the "giants" head half his shovel is missing lol, the rest well who knows.

  • Pindz#

    Pindz November 27, 2009 10:24:33 PM CET

    nice photos man

  • Pindz#

    Pindz November 27, 2009 10:21:05 PM CET

    lol you are one of most stupid idiot i ever seen

  • Rautamies#

    Rautamies November 27, 2009 10:18:52 PM CET

    For those with problems in wondering about big size guys, aliens or humans, I recommend them to check and see an alien photo take by me in Park Eduard VII in Lisbon, Portugal, and posted here in Disclose, under the title "alien". Just watch and see the size of the alien "HEAD" on that photo, in relation to his space scooter. Guys, the universe is huge!! Stop wondering. They the aliens are here, for good or bad.

  • Badrobot#

    Badrobot November 27, 2009 8:23:16 PM CET

    jeez yet another fake. What a waste of money but hey humans have been doing it for years, even got the orgasm mastered now :lol: Its a shame because we have so little patience that this is what peeps resort to for that 5 minute wow factor. I hope I dont get this vid for christmas :(

  • Hiyosilver#

    Hiyosilver November 27, 2009 8:12:54 PM CET

    Some may be fake though I see much credibility here.If they are fake, someone with expertise in the human skeleton went through a whole lot of time, trouble and expense for no gain. Especially to get the bones into a rock layer or undersea.

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