John Major Jenkins ~ The 2012 Story Pt.3/3

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John Major Jenkins interviewed about his new book The 2012 Story on 100.7 WZLX
Release date: October 15, 2009.
478 pages, 26 photos & illustrations
2 appendices, end notes, biblio., index
Jeremy Tarcher / Penguin Books.

From the groundbreaking researcher who has guided the 2012 discussion for over two decades, now comes an epic exploration of the authentic origins and meaning of this portentious date. Surveying the roots of 2012 in Maya astronomy, prophecy, and metaphysical philosophy, The 2012 Story explores how this date has become a subject of mass fascination today—for popular writers, in the mass media, Hollywood, and among the Maya themselves.

In The 2012 Story discover:

How the early Maya devised the calendar that gives us the cycle ending in 2012 and how it works.
How the ancient calendar was rediscovered in modern times.
How the 2012 idea has been interpreted—and misinterpreted—by professional scholars, spiritual impresarios, and popular culture.
What key controversies and enigmas surround the concept.
How we can cut through all the noise about 2012 and gain true wisdom from Maya teachings about our present moment in history.

About the Author:

John Major Jenkins is a pioneer of the modern 2012 movement. The author of nine previous books on the subject, he has worked to clarify misconceptions and is credited with showing how a rare "galactic alignment" underlies the 2012 cycle-ending date and is a concept deeply embedded within Maya traditions. As a visiting scholar, Jenkins has taught classes at The Institute of Maya Studies in Miami, The Esalen Institute, Naropa University, and many venues both nationally and abroad. He is the director of The Center for 2012 Studies
Studies and moderates the Update2012 website information portal.

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