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In Punjabi - Satguru Guru concepts in Hinduism and Sikhism - No tribal identity, no son of God - 7. These Videos, I am adding to clarify certain misconceptions in Sikhism created by the world renowned sons of Satan of Khatri Tribe. When you are born into a certain family, it is God who gives you birth in that family and not you take of your own will. So, by disclosing your tribal identity, you disclose the First Will of our Father. That is, why no Bhagat or Saint concealed His tribal birth but it is the ego of the tribal birth in which you praise your tribal seed day and night that is a stumbling block to spirituality.
Just the basics to understand Sikhism, Christianity, and Islam.
Moral Teachers:-
In India, they are called Brahmins, in Middle East, they are called Rabbis, in Africa, they are called Fetish Priests, etc. They teach the Moral Laws centred on Adam or Shiv. Such morally sound people render religious help. Daeh Shiva Var Mohae................
Spiritual Preachers:-
They impart spiritual education to Mind or Munn. In India, they are called Sattguru, in the Middle East Christ, etc.
In Sikhism, there were Six Sattgurus whilst in the Middle East One Christ Jesus. Christs appear in Kalyug only and those who listened to their Messages are lucky one for Salvation is very sure if Gospel is preached by them. So, a Sattguru, Christ, Saints, Bhagats, etc should be followed but they should be vetted in spirit to learn the Will of our Father as they brought into the Word the Good News or Gospel which is different from the Scriptures, the Letters, that you learn from a Moral Teacher by following him. Scriptures are for the once-born children that are fed on Milk whereas the twice-born people of spirit are to hunt for Meat, the Gospel by vetting or Perceiving the Sattgurus, Christs, Apostles, Bhagats, etc. Only blind follow others and the blind are disciples whereas the twice-born are Labourers in the Vineyard of God and they work in the honour of Christs from whom they learnt the Gospel and they glorify God and not the Christs, Sattgurus, etc. Saints and Apostles are also Sattgurus.
Royal Kings or Sachae Paatshah:-
People who do not mend their ways through preaching His Word, such satanic people are dealt by the sword power of Sachae Paatshahs. They were Four in the East, the Epicentre of Satanic people being Amritsar or the Punjab and none in the Middle East as word of mouth was enough for Judas Iscariot to kill himself.
There is none above Sachae Paatshah and Sachae Paatshah Gobind Singh Ji was the Last of the Four Prophets and there shall be none after Him.
To address Sattguru Nanak Dev Ji as Guru is degrading and to address Sachae Paatshahs as Guru is highly degrading. Such people are spiritually blind and some times they turn fanatics.
Allah is from Al-Ilah, the Father. Ilahs are the tribal fathers and Allah, the spiritual Father also known as Paar Brahm and God. We have One God and there are different names for Him according to the qualities

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