Ring UFO - Asusa, CA, Dec 2, 2009

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MUFON Case Number: 20852

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Submitted Date: 2009-12-03 11:30 GMT
Event Date: 2009-12-02 18:30 GMT
City: Azusa
Region: California
Country: US
Longitude: -117.916
Latitude: 34.1312
Duration: 00:05:00
Distance: 500 feet or less

Witness Description:

I was traveling home from work and was on the 210 freeway in Southern California. I was traveling Eastbound. I was just past Azusa (the city) and it was around 6:30pm. It was pretty dark. At this time, I noticed out the front window of my car, off to the right, a string of lights in a semi circle (as though curved.) The lights appeared to be a orange/yellow and I thought it was a Fire on a mountain. But I couldn't think of a mountain off to the right... As I drove I kept glancing at the lights and began to see them move. They started to appear a connecting set of lights under the semi-circle - so that it now appeared to be an oval of blinking lights. As though some object was banking and I could now see more (I couldn't see the object as it was so dark - i could only see the lights.) Now I was curious as it was an oval of flashing lights. I was trying to think what it could be. The object continued moving until it was over the freeway. At this point, it began a slow path west, along the west bound side of the freeway. At this point I got my iphone out and began recording it. A lot of us on the freeway were slowing down - and I had slowed down to 30 MPH. Although I shot video on the iPhone. it's pretty bad quality... that with the camera shake in the car, it was spotty at best. I began to realize this thing was going to pass over/near me, so I studied it until it was past me. The lights were curved, as though attached to a curved surface and appeared to be on the bottom of this object. I know they were curved, because the lights were in rows (like five yellow lights in a row) and I could see the individual lights in a curvature. The lights were animated like this... imagine 5 or so lights in a column and several rows of lights.. so that column 1 turns off and column 2 comes on, column 3 turns off and column 4 turns on... etc. So it showed an animation of lights in a direction. They were animated in the direction the object was moving. As the object was nearly past me (so that I had to lean into my stearing wheel to see it) I noticed sometimes the lights would appear as animated blocks... so instead of a row of lights I would see a set of lights make up a block of lights - which would animate in a direction. I tried to estimate how high the object could be... it's tough in the dark, but I'd guess around 200 feet. It was wide, and all the animated lights appeared on the bottom of whatever it was. As to audio - i couldn't hear much as I had the radio on. I never thought about turning it off, as I was so interested in the object. I tried to ponder what this could be. The only man made object I could think of, would be a blimp. But what was weird was, I dont know of a blimp that has it's display on the bottom. they usually have the display on the side. So I discounted that idea. Regarding the attached video - it was shot on a iPhone 3GS which isn't that great at night video. Also it's super wide angle so everything is smaller then you normally see it. The object appears in the bottom right in the video, and towards the end, it's almost in the center. I honestly dont know what I saw... I'd love to know what it was.

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