Video Taken of Large Triangle Over Burbank Califor

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Witness Report.
California - 11-13-09

My name is JOE . I live in the hills above Universal City / Studio City ,and North Hollywood / Burbank, California. Last evening, at 10:20 PM, I was out on my back deck, taking some wind chimes down as a result of the Santa Ana winds.

Something caught my eye coming from the north valley. I looked up and saw a huge triangular shaped craft with 3 bright, brilliant turquoise / milky, greenish lights on each end.

Each light appeared to have a ring around it. The lights were fairly close together. As it soared above me, the triangle started tilting, and the lights remained on the ends of whatever was flying, so I can tell it was a single craft.

I started screaming for my brother Mike, and my friend Paul who were inside my home, "Oh, My God, UFO, get out here now!"

The lights at the end of the craft started criss-crossing and making very specific geometric shapes like a light show. It looked choreographed. Suddenly, the lights started to go haywire, and the entire craft seemed to just change position and formation.

Mike grabbed his camera and took some footage as it was flying away, where you can see the lights changing formation. It then took off at great speed over the hills to the south. It returned approximately 5 minutes later, looking much more haphazard, and disappeared once again to the south.

I called 911 and the North Hollywood Police Station. I have NEVER seen anything like this in my life. Now, we live directly over the Burbank Airport, high in the hills. I have seen every type of jet, private plane, helicopter, blimp, you name it. I have never seen ANYTHING like this in my life.

A giant triangular craft soaring overhead, completely silent, and tilting, and then what looked like to be breaking up of the lights, and multiple light patterns and directions before it sped south behind the hills.

I would swear on a stack of Bibles that what I saw was nothing but an alien craft. I have no other point of reference to compare this to, as I have never even seen a flying object that shape or lights that COLOR before - almost like a Caribbean blue, with rings around them.

Again, the video is only the tail end of the event, and does not depict the perfect triangular shape which I witnessed first, and the choreographed light pattern, before the "break-up" as I refer to it.

For what its worth, I am an attorney, and my partner is a radiation oncologist at a large Southern Cal university. In other words, we're "normal, professional" guys, who are cynics by nature. This experienced has changed my perspective on the entire UFO debate. We are convinced what we witnessed was not from this earth.

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