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David Icke ~ Reptilian Illuminati Bloodlines


  • Heretikos#

    Heretikos January 11, 2011 1:09:00 PM CET

    This is from "Beyond the Cutting Edge" a 6 hour lecture. I downloaded this and have seen it twice. It's pretty good regardless of your belief in reptilians.\

  • Heretikos#

    Heretikos January 11, 2011 1:07:39 PM CET

    Uhhhhh, no. He isn't one of the first to talk about the possible genetic manipulation of humans by people of an other solar system. Get your facts straight bud... Sitchin was one of the early ones and at the time Icke wasn't even awake yet. He was a child.

  • Dmtshaman#

    Dmtshaman December 6, 2009 5:39:52 PM CET

    Nobody is 100% right on everything..or the world would have 1 guru. We all hold a key to the puzzle, doesnt mean when we are worng on one thing it discredits you. Reptilians are interdimensional creatures..using the western mind will never allow the existance to manifest. We all have unseen influencing forces all around us...belief is not needed for this to exist!

  • Thieu4u#

    Thieu4u December 6, 2009 2:50:16 PM CET

    David Icke was one of the first to talk about the possible genetic manipulation of humans by people of an other solar system, some 6000 years ago. He explained how the descendants of this interbreeding family's became the most powerful people of this world and that the Illuminati are of the same descent. It is a great hypothesis. But he distroyed his own theory when he started to talk about the reptilian race. It is nice to talk about reptilians but I think it was a big mistake of Icke. He has forgotten that once the half gods came on power, it was forbidden to portrayed the Aliens as they where. The half gods started to spread the rumors that the Aliens looked like reptilians. The reptilian imago was created like a propaganda stunt to enable the halve gods to get control over the population and to take it away from the gods. Therefore, I think those who came from the stars where very human. I think that if we want this hypothesis to become a theory, we have to analyze this possible historical happening in a more professional way. First we have to realize that the descendants of the halve gods are very well known. They are the Royal family's. Who else had so much power than these family's over the century's. These family's where not the descendent's of the gods but of the half gods. The Gods who came from the stars, meaning the representatives of an alien civilization, call them the Ancients, saw that the daughter's of man where very beautiful and they married and had children. It must be said that these daughter's where very probably the daughters of the kings and emperors of those times. The children became half gods and where the later kings and emperors and what have you. They had some genetic material of the Ancients, making them very smart. Don't forget that for example the I Tjing was written by the Emperors of China. The halve gods where very wise people. That sexual intercourse was possible must mean that these Ancients where physically the same as we humans. The genetic manipulation was not a technical thing. It was based on love at first sight I hope. These interplanetary marriages happened in different places at the same time. China, Assyria, Egypt, South America tribes, Celtic, India, African and Australian tribes etc. The genetic material was passed from generation to generation. But because the emperors and Kings had a lot of wifes, concubines etc. the genetic material spread also outside the royal family. A lot of research should be done. Point is that the Royal family's are NOT the Illuminati. The Illuminati are the ones that control the networks of the most important money systems. The Royal family's can be involved (they have a lot of money) but it would be wrong to make them one and the same. Read the alien code if you want to know more about how the Illuminati came in control of the royal family's.

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