DMT ~ Inner Paths to Outer Space Pt.1/6

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(recorded 08-21-2009)
This is another one of my favorite podcasts, the podcast with Joanna Harcourt-Smith.

In this podcast Joanna interviews our good friend Dr.Rick Strassman, author of DMT-The Spirit Molecule, as well as Inner Paths to Outer Space. Dr.Strassman is also a leading pioneer in legal human dimethyltryptamine research in the United States. Strassman gives us an update on his status and also talks about an upcoming book he is writing on the subject of prophecy.

"The podcasts are dedicated to assisting people in participating in the shift that is occurring at this moment in our way of life. We as human beings are experiencing a renaissance of awareness that is taking place as we dream it together. We invite dreamers and activists to articulate their vision of the future rooted in a respectful understanding of the past.-Joanna Harcourt-Smith"

Images borrowed from google images with permission from The Source. All images can be found under the following search string's:pineal gland, Descartes pineal, spiritual awakening, alien jesus, alien buddha, rick strassman

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