University Professors are brain washed dead men of

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University Professors are brain washed dead men of letters lacking spirit or common sense-3. Last night, 02/12/09, I went to listen to the X-mass Lecture organised by the Reading University Chaplaincy. The title of the lecture was Why is science reviving belief in God?The lecture was given by a well known Oxford University Theologian, Prof Keith Ward, formerly Regius Professor of Divinity at Oxford, a Fellow of the British Academy and a member of the council of the Royal Institute of Philosophy. He was quite Jovial and seems to have a fair knowledge of Physics as well. He applied Sciences trying to explain Nature that we see with our two naked eyes. Nature was not created by God as God is Spirit and difference between Nature and God is well explained by Christ Jesus in John 3 to Nichodemus that what makes the leaves, the living beings, move, the wind that you cannot see but perceive belongs to God whilst the leaves itself belongs to Nature. The present misconceptions that God created Adam and Eve is due to patching the corrupted written Torah, the old cloth, with the Brand New Cloth, the Gospel. The patch has become worst causing confusion among the once born people who normally get drunk with the Old Wine of the letters of Scriptures. This was done by the Jews and the Apostles used to rebuke them for bringing in the forbidden Jewish Leaven. People of Judea region expelled the Apostles first creating Darkness. This John stated that the Light came among His own people of Judah tribe and they hated the Light in favour of Darkness. Today, these brand new Priests with dog-collars with their Colourfully robed Bishops are a hierarchy worse than those Temple Rabbis from the yoke of which Christ Jesus liberated us. Thus, these Messianic Jews created Darkness creating super Blind Guides leading the super Blind men of letters into the Holocausts, Crusades, sectarian riots, etc as in U.K., India, etc.

Cults in Christianity is a good example of the blind men describing an elephant.

So, I told Prof. Keith Ward that the natural sciences apply to the study of Nature and God being above the Laws, He is of the regime of grace. Now, he did explained most of the physical phenomena well but he was stuck with consciousness that why people behave differently. This is related to our mind over which our past life deeds are written and carried forward by our soul after one's death into the next physical clothing or birth that could be a human or non-human. To be born as a human being is a great blessing and this is the best form to approach God for Salvation. That is why you see some children remembering their past life and have different gifts. In fact, these University Professors are brain washed and they are normally blind folded not to look around. I gave my article to a lady sitting next to me and she started to read. When she came to know of St.Philip, she get stuck and told me that we are told not to know any thing beyond the Four Gospels of the New Testament. That reflects the type of super blind people you come across.

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