UFO's - Flying Space Creatures in Apollo Video

  • Uploaded by Spacequad on Dec 8, 2009
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This is my work on enhancing images of space creatures found in Apollo video. I have not done much work in the form of documentary because of limited funds to make a quality documentary, so please excuse the need for music. The music chosen is creative commons music that is titled by it's artist with a fitting name for Et./UFO's
This video will show how the space creatures move in space, how the plasma cools and reheats in their biological engine. How they spring through space and the way they kind of (for lack of better word's) fart out to help them with their direction and forward momentum. They also spring through space. The effect seen in many instances as they blink off and on is created by the way they shrink down to a tight ball before they spring further forward. I totally understand if your skeptical I would have a hard time believing it myself had I not done the research that proves these objects are not space craft - but space creatures. I want the UFO community to know my work is not a hoax or a way to dis-info your work and I have taken my share of "your crazy" jabs.
I totally respect UFO research and do believe in alien space craft also.
The bottom line is all my research has led me to the conclusion that many of UFO sightings can be attributed to a large living extraterrestrial creature from outer space. This video was downloaded from my channel on another site utilizing the free software recommended by disclose.tv and it is an awesome program. Thanks for the program recommendation disclose.tv and your allowing me a chance to prove my work. I want all UFO experts to know, my work is not intended to offend anyone or dis-info this important subject matter and hope you will be open minded and trust it took many years of research in the field to come to my conclusions.
Thanks, CGW of SpaceQuad on disclose.tv

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