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Revealed in this television documentary Crop Circles The Hidden Truth that Lundberg was probably recruited by MI5 in 1992. Since then he has been paid by British Intelligence continually. We believe that due to the anomalies about the property where he lives, MI5 have also been providing him with free lodgings in London since around 1995.

As many people know, Lundberg's activities have been in making crop circles throughout the UK, and sometimes travel to foreign countries such as Italy, to trample down fields there too. We believe MI5 has funded these activities for almost 2 decades and have been giving him money to pay the rest of the crop circle team. There would typically be 5 or 6 in a team.

MI5 made a big mistake in 2004 by paying for Lundberg to re-train as a film maker. This we believe was a gross miscalculation on their part and provides even more evidence that MI5 disinformation is what Lundberg is part of. If Lundberg was a true "artist" as he claims, why would he be interested in the "UFO" subject for his film making? His latest film "Mirage Men", promises to be a superb piece of disinformation. He has managed to interview some of the top names in Ufology; namely Linda Moulton Howe, Bill Ryan and Richard Dolan. These individuals may well regret taking part in this programme as MI5 and Lundberg have set out to debunk them.
I promise if you are interested in knowing what this guy finds out.......... the pysops behind this phenomenon is bewildering.
A new and constructive video, that is sure to change your mind, whether you believe or not.

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