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Jim Fetzer JFK Asassination PDX 9/11 Truth 12-09

  • Rcoones
  • uploaded: Dec 13, 2009
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Jim Fetzer gives a presentation in Portland Oregon about The JFK Asassination. Interesting and well researched (Disclaimer: Views expressed here are not necessarily those of the video maker and are presented for informational and educational purposes only)


Jim Fetzer Blog:


Daly PLaza Revisited
Jack Lawrence, an expert Air Porce Shot, is his best guess for the shooter at the above ground sewer opening on the north side triple underpass, not Jim Lewis.

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  • Giftmitch#

    Giftmitch December 30, 2011 12:54:54 PM CET

    If you really want to know, check out my videos on JFK, there may be some component in my theories that you can use, as I imagine at this point additional considerations to support your theory are few and far between. But in short you're off and be willing to embrace you may be wrong. You realize your research is so extensive and thorough that if you are wrong you have in fact done more damage than good. What is the single most conclusive fact or proof to draw this conclusion?

  • Rcoones#

    Rcoones September 3, 2010 5:32:01 AM CEST

    Thanks I will tell Mr Fetzer.

  • Brianruhe#

    Brianruhe September 3, 2010 4:33:10 AM CEST

    I taught a course called "Kennedy Assassinations" and Jim Fetzer has answered questions that I've carried, like a burden, for 40 years. I have such deep gratitude to Prof. Jim Fetzer for illuminating the truth that we suspected. Lyndon Johnson did it, his part, and I want to see the memory of Johnson get discredited by the American people, and one day, officially by the American government. Thank you so much for this video and I'll be watching more, as I'm on Fetzer's Fan list.- Brian Ruhe, Vancouver Canada

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