Punjabi-Fanatics created by sons of Satan have no

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Punjabi-Fanatics created by sons of Satan have no right to live on earth but sons of Shiv only - 2. This Planet earth is for the habitation of the sons of Man and not for the sons of Satan or fanatics. Sons of Man are the tribal people through which they link themselves to their tribal elders or forefathers. Hindu, Sikh, Jew, Muslim, etc are the religious selves and they are known by what they have learnt or through qualities. Thus, Sikhism is a way of life called a Panth or community and any one can join them. Whereas the tribal selves are for the identification of the sons of Man or Shiva - Daeh Shiva var mohae.......... That is the sons of Man fight against the sons of Satan and destroy them. For example, Jew is a spiritual self and not the tribal or physical self. So, when the English were English and not conservative or Labour, then they killed the Jews of flesh, the sons of Satan in Holocausts. Latest killing was by the German and in such killing, you cannot blame a third person but you yourself is to be blamed. Christ Jesus came among the people of Judah tribe and their Judah Iscariot betrayed him and their Temple Priests killed him. Messianic Jews loved Darkness to Light and it was this Darkness that led to their killing in which the blind guides, the Rabbis, led the blind into the Pits of death, the Holocausts. Far worse holocausts would be seen in the East as they are creating super Blind Guides.

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