ON REQUEST:Alison Kruse Banned Video

  • Uploaded by Lordgaga on Dec 16, 2009
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LordGaGa and friends

Alison Kruse Banned Video - Murraysville Red Lights
One of Alison Kruse's many top notch "pretender" UFO videos taken near Murraysville, PA. Alison's account was suspended on false pretenses ("copyright infringement"), despite the obvious fact that ALL OF THE VIDEOS ON HER CHANNEL WERE FILMED BY HER PERSONALLY. So what's up, YouTube? How many other accounts have been falsely suspended because "somebody" didn't like the information that was being made available by the user? Everyone please download and repost this video, as is, as was Alison's request in her final video before her channel got yanked. She knew this was coming.

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