Punjabi - Falsehoods or KOORR are very sweet to li

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Punjabi - Falsehoods or KOORR are very sweet to listen but they kill people in thousands - 24.. kbIr kUkru rwm ko muqIAw myro nwau ] (1368-8, slok, kbIr jIau)
Kabeer, I am the Bitch of My Father Ram and my name is Motiya. Moti stand for a Pearl and as we, the Solitary proclaim His Word, the Double-Edged Sword to make others Solitary too, then they are our Products. This is the same things as in Christianity we are Fishers of Men, the people who are the Masters of their own Destiny. Men have christ in their heart as they have longed for Him, our Father and He became known to us when we receive christ, holy spirit or common sense. Remember that in Christ Jesus and Satguru Nanak Dev Ji, we are loving Virgins of our Father and like the Bitches, we bark, Preach Gospel of Love, but we do not bite as the Ferocious dogs do. Remember that Ferocious Dogs or the sons of God are also need to bite the sons of Satan off the world to protect the Virgin Bitches. These Ferocious Dogs are the Khalsas who are the Army of God and not of any secular kings. Khalsas do not demand money or occupy secular properties but today they are the sons of Satan seeking Mammon. Remember that dog is very faithful to his owner and so we should be to our Father.
gly hmwry jyvrI jh iKMcY qh jwau ]74] (1368-8, slok, kbIr jIau)
There is a chain around my neck; wherever I am pulled, I go. ||74||
This Chain around our necks we get it of our Freewill when we Love our Father. We are not the stray dogs that have no Master to feed them but we recognize our loving and Merciful Father Who feeds us flesh, the Body of Jesus. Our Father is ever calling us and those who have ears to hear His Word that is proclaimed by Christ Jesus, Christ Nanak, Apostles, Bhagats, Aarifs, etc; they go for it of their own Freewill. That is, why Christ Jesus proclaimed that I walk ahead of my Sheep and those who have ears to hear His Word, then go for Jesus and Nanak to become solitary sealed to serve God only as a GURMUKH or Apostles. Ask, seek and knock is the Way to go to our Father to get this Leash of Salvation that He puts around the Necks of Those who submit themselves to His Will called the Real Islam in which INSHALLAH prevails and not this Islam of Mullahs in which the Fatwas of Mullahs, INSHMULLAH, dominates.

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