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Suspended for Anti-Vaccine Flyers

  • Kanaeta
  • uploaded: Dec 18, 2009
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  • Wipm77#

    Wipm77 February 17, 2010 6:47:58 PM CET

    Kid you really got balls nice job. If anybody wants further info on vaccines Dr. Andrew Moulden of Canada has some excellent info on corruption of vaccines.

  • Iamjackalope#

    Iamjackalope December 20, 2009 4:01:15 PM CET

    File a law suit. If the kids weren't given the proper paper work prior to injecting them then they broke the law, period. Do the research.

  • Gabriel23#

    Gabriel23 December 19, 2009 9:08:17 PM CET

    Brave kids.Unfortunately, this sort of thing happens in schools everywhere. Kids have no say in anything, and quite frankly I think a lot of parents are blind to the kind of abuse kids are subject to. This is clearly unacceptable, and parents need to pay more attention to the educational environment of their kids. The person who should have been suspended after this incident, is the teacher who assaulted a student without any prior provocation.

  • Pipedog#

    Pipedog December 19, 2009 12:29:44 AM CET

    Nothing new. I was threatened with expulsion about 25 yrs ago.. for trying to get a NO handholding rule, removed. The sad truth is...the students do not have rights. Their parents do, but children under 18 (varies with country/state/etc) do not. And schools are alot like police/military/corp/religions.. they TRY to protect the upper lvls, regardless of right or wrong, and the upper lvls have thier own agenda/ideas, that MUST be beyond reproach. LOL Besides, judging by the test scores in the USA/Canada information has been a taboo subject for YRS!! :)

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