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Arizona Geospatial UFO Animation Project

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As we now know, there were many anomalous happenings going on throughout Arizona for many hours on March 13, 1997, including a parade of different craft and multiple orb formations attached to and separate from these craft. The goal of this project is to bring to awareness the complex and complete nature of the various Phoenix Lights events that occurred that night. By using the latest technologies of Google Earth, computer maven, Larry Lowe, has molded the multiple mass sighting reports into stunning visual illustrations so we can understand what these phenomena looked liked, as well as where and how they traveled. We call this grand endeavor the Geospatial Animation Project.

In a coordinated effort to correlate time lines and witness observations, information for the simulations were provided by reports compiled by investigators, Michael Tanner and William Hamilton (Skywatch International), from the combined database of Village Labs, interfaced with reports provided by the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFOC) in Seattle, Washington and those of former councilwoman, Frances Emma Barwood in the weeks and months following the March 1997 incident. This is a combined effort, with the support and input of AZ MUFON, the Mutual UFO Network.

It becomes apparent when looking at times, location and object description that there may have been as many as 8-10 different large objects displaying themselves in Arizona that night, with perhaps as many as two dozen separate sorties--one flight path by one object. This does not include the many reports of groups of lights seen in formation or flowing individually.

Although not the first appearance of unknowns on March 13th, the main events of the day were signaled within 30 minutes or so of each other, beginning at 7:50 pm in the Prescott Valley area by the convergence of three, possibly four objects having a V configuration. They came from the NW, then turned to the South toward Phoenix. The various V formations continued to the south and then generally to the SE, as far as the Tucson area and then reappeared later over metropolitan Phoenix at various locations and times. It is interesting to note that the collective flight paths of the UFOs placed them over the most populated areas of Arizona and along its most heavily traveled routes, even the airport, while avoiding restricted military airspace. This was clearly a very purposeful "demonstration".

Note that they are the initial illustrations, as created by Larry Lowe, and will be updated and refined as more detailed and accurate information pertaining to the sightings reports and flight paths becomes available.

This video was produced and narrated by Steve Lantz, Producer of The Phoenix Lights Documentary.

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