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2012 is NOT the End: Embrace the Beginning

  • Uploaded by Dmtshaman on Dec 28, 2009
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"The I-Ching, our DNA, Terence Mckenna, Hermetics, Harmonics, DMT, Sacred Geometry, Spirituality, Gregg Braden, Frequency, the Earth's own frequency rising since 1989, my own realization that history has been stolen and rewritten to keep us in the dark is enough to for me to realize; We're moving in 2012." -blueskies66

This trend is continuing as i type... eventually reaching a point in singularity, when technology can further no more, the evolution of the mind will continue.

As we near 2012 the spiral tightens, more and more people will realize the truth of our nature, becoming aware = enlightenment

* If you don't understand, you probably never will ;)

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