Russian TV report about the triangle over Kremlin

  • Uploaded by Velesmyst on Dec 30, 2009
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"And now a few words about a strange happening, lots already called a sensation. The dark triangular object was detected over the center of moscow during that week. And by the words of witnesses that object was 1.5 kilometers wide. Some say it was a UFO, suspiciously similar to the Star Wars Movie space battle-cruiser. That object was floating in the skies over center of Moscow during some hours. It was shot during the night from the passing car in one video. And during day time on another video. Both videos about aliens invasion was shot by amateurs. But as long as their subject was the UFOs theme, both became a sensation, as always, and raised to the top of russian version of youtube. British DAILY TELEGRAPH reported about UFO, but there were no official comments. British military analyst Nick Pope requested DAILY TELEGRAPH that these UFO objects are the strangest UFO objects he ever saw on video".

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