David Icke on News for the Soul - Pt. 2/2

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David Icke - 'the most controversial speaker in the world' - returns to News for the Soul to make a major announcement about the direction of his long standing career. 10/2007
David Icke is the author of over a dozen books and is a popular and controversial speaker often found touring the globe to address large audiences with his story of "Prison to Paradise" and message of "ultimate freedom". , He says we are being controlled and manipulated by a small few hidden at the top of a pyramidal scheme of hidden knowledge - a tale riddled with references to reptilian dna bloodlines and seemingly bizarre connections all previously discussed conspiracies. , But one incredibly intriguing aspect of David's presentation is his soulution... He says we are all powerful spiritual beings capable of waking up and transcending this control through focusing on love. , And that the time to do that is right now...

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