Cross of David of Works versus Five cornered Star

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Six cornered Cross of David of Works versus the Five cornered Star of Bethlehem of Jesus, the Christ of our hearts-4. Here is graph that I use for preaching please: -
I was watching the Lights in Jerusalem when I noticed the Five Corners of the Bethlehem Star of our anointed Elder Brother Christ Jesus and I thought it would be worth comparing the Two insignias, one of David representing Works and the other of Christ Jesus of grace over our hearts and it has Five corners. Six cornered Cross or Star of David is of Works and this is derived from the Seven Candled Menorah, the six representing the holy and the evil works we performed in our lives. The Middle Candle of Menorah is the Light of God from which all the other six candles are lit signifying that even in the evil people, it is the same Light of God. This Middle Candle is also of the Knowledge of the Oral Torah that made the Rabbis a Freeman but not the members of his congregation or Parishes who always asked the Rabbi before acting. So much so that the Rabbis have told them not to work on Sabbath but sit idle is carried to the letters even if their house catches fire. But Sabbath being of God, you were to perform philanthropic works in which you do not charge money as in God, He blesses you with His Own Currency, the knowledge of His Word. That is why Christ Jesus was performing philanthropic works on Sabbath to stress that the Sabbath is made for men to glorify God by performing philanthropic deeds and not man was made for Sabbath. But blind to spirit or Oral Torah Rabbis resisted His common sense, the holy spirit and for this reason the Oil in the Middle Candle of Menorah was Empty and Christ Jesus came to refill it through preaching the Oral Torah or His Word not only to the Rabbis who rejected His Call but to the common men and women alike. Remember that a Rabbi could only be a physically fit man and not a woman or a woman cannot teach the Moral Laws but in preaching His Word that settles and originates from ones heart, there is no gender involved as in the physical selves. So, a woman cannot teach the moral laws or become a Rabbi but she can preach Gospel and become a Saint. Finally, I cannot justify my Preaching through these Videos and short descriptions as Gospel comes from your heart and not from the Books. Gospel is best preached through discussions in which we all contribute. Gospel, the Real Meat or the Body of Jesus for the adults, is by grace of our living Father whilst the Scriptures, the Milk for the Babies, you can read from Books under the directions of a Moral Teacher such as Gamaliel. I can visit places to deliver Gospel and my services are FREE. If I charge as these Dog-collared clerics do, then I cannot get Paid in Gospel from my Father. Do you think I read Books? No. My Father gives me in Spirit and He is my witness and not any Books as the dead quote. Please preach Gospel from your heart and say things that your heart tells you to say. Be impartial like a little child. Dead in letter would challenge you but they are not to be engaged in discussions as it would be fruitless. Living Gospel is for the living in spirit who exercises common sense, holy spirit.

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