Father Gill - Papua New Guinea UFO (CE3)

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The events of New Papua in 1959, at first glance, seem to be too unbelievable to be true. It is just too good of a sighting, compared to hazy photographs, reports of abductions by unreliable witnesses, and the designation of any undefined light in the sky as a "flying saucer." To be respectable, open-minded individuals, we must NOT compare one report to another. Each case must be viewed on its own merits. Many of the so-called explanations are by those who never interviewed Reverend Gill, never visited the site, and never read Gill's actual reports, but relied on third party explanations to draw their own conclusions.

Dr. Hynek and his staff members actually interviewed Gill, they visited the site, they searched weather reports, and they stood in the same spot that Gill stood. They interviewed other witnesses of the events. They followed up initial inquiries with subsequent visits, and interviews, allowing the passage of time to shed its light on the witnesses, and what they had seen. Fourteen years after the fantastic events at Papua, Dr. Hynek revisited Papua New Guinea, Australia, and re-interviewed six of the initial witnesses.

They all supported William Gill's initial reports, and still believe what they saw to be a REAL craft of unknown origin. The Papua, New Guinea sighting is one of the best documented cases of an unidentified craft of unknown origin in UFO annals.

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