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Sleepers Awaken - NightfallProject 1/3


  • Nightfall#

    Nightfall January 5, 2010 8:59:40 PM CET

    Mankind has an incredible sensitivity for subconsciously perception which indeed can be easily manipulated and deluded.Humanity uses the flows of pure cosmic energies to transmute them into sensory data but allows only one interpretation system.The old magicians called this system "the human shape", the interpretation that makes people believe that their perception is the only truth that exists.It shows that the human perceptive activities consist almost only of interpretations of sensoric data, creating a tangible picture of the world.A picture, reflecting in the eyes as an explanation of how the world appears to be.A collective created hologram, vibrating on the frequency of subconsciousness. Translating thoughts, emotions and impressions into sound or electromagnetic waves and back.Thanks for your comment.do your homeworks

  • Truthsekr#

    Truthsekr January 5, 2010 3:48:41 PM CET

    so then whats the point of this inhumanity and struggle for power and control when life is so short and merly an experience then why cant we just live to be happy we really must be confused because we have it all backwards i just dont get it i cant understand why people fail to relize this its so simple..poor humanity what suffering our ignorance shall bring us

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