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Sleepers Awaken - NightfallProject 2/3


  • Truthsekr#

    Truthsekr January 5, 2010 4:00:36 PM CET

    man has created the seperation by his ego and vanity and greed and corruptability and the lack of knowledge for it is withheld from us by those who wish to keep its secrets from us and hence there power and control of us.. we are kept confused and lead to live chaotic lives in a world with chaotic vibes by our man made useless crap we love technology not nature we talk to a screen and not to people is it no wonder we lost touch most dont even know where are food comes from or even look up at the sky and marvel everything is taken for granted nor is it ever enough how pathetic we have become and sad and yet the answer is so simple yet no one see's it nor cares to look

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