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Sleepers Awaken - NightfallProject 3/3


  • Truthsekr#

    Truthsekr January 5, 2010 4:09:49 PM CET

    didnt she believe in satanism thats the other thing beware this new age ideology its twisted to perfection has anyone ever heard of the georgia guild stones donated by a unidentifed and untraceable person and among other things it says that there are those who beleive the world would be perfect if there was no more than five hundred million people on the planet we are now aproaching 7billion hmm ..those i speak of elitist are new age luciferians and there plans are in progress and more apparrent than ever with this one world one currency one human network agenda being played out. it certainly is an intricate and diabolical scheme ohh boy we so many problems!

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