A Cosmic Coincedence?

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"Last night, Dec. 16th at 9 p.m. CST, a very bright meteor lit up the completely overcast sky like lightning in southeast Nebraska," reports Trooper Jerry Chab of the Nebraska State Patrol. "It flashed for approximately 2 seconds and was followed by sonic booms and ground shaking, which prompted many calls by the public to law enforcement in a three county wide area." Meanwhile, the USGS says there was a magnitude 3.5 earthquake near Auburn, Nebraska, at 8:53 pm, about the same time and place as the fireball. This map shows the nominal epicenter:

"If the earthquake is confirmed, as it appears to be, I think we have the most cosmic of coincidences: A large fireball around the same time of an earthquake," says Chab. "I am simply amazed!"

"Russian Military Analysts further state in these reports that this attack was not ‘unexpected’ by the Americans who had hours prior to the destruction of this cruise missile activated their missile defense system protecting North America under the guise of testing this system against an Iranian nuclear missile attack, and upon one of their particle beam weapons being fired to destroy it released an ‘unmistakable electronic signature’ recorded by Russian Space Forces satellites monitoring this region of the World."

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