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The Best Mars Anomalies Video Ever


  • Jjcbigfoot#

    Jjcbigfoot February 4, 2010 6:55:27 PM CET

    Thanks for the link!!

  • Iamcare#

    Iamcare January 8, 2010 2:47:40 AM CET

    I don't know if anyone's pointed this out yet but his comes from a much larger presentations called "Mars, Pyramids and Changes in the Solar System which is an absoloutly brilliant lecture which lays out a lot of evidence. About 2 hours but well worth the watch.The link is here: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-3835552873482653680&ei=xotGS8Ts... is on mars&view=3&dur=3#Anyone who liked this little snippet will love the whole thing, and I've had a copy of it for at least 3 years so it's good to see how right this guy apparently was!

  • Gunzenbomz#

    Gunzenbomz January 7, 2010 1:21:00 PM CET

    Interesting set of research material. There still is life on mars, what a shame nasa had to appease us by correcting its colour values of the planet mars. lolDon't you think its odd they made mars redder than it actually is??? Then finally amended the images as they'd been caught out. Oh & mars-cydonia & the face ( one side humanoid the other a Lion ), the best nasa fk-up was their attempt at destroying the image of the 'face'. Which can be found in HD tifs.http://www.enterprisemission.com/orwell.htm

  • Humtone#

    Humtone January 7, 2010 1:18:55 PM CET

    Maybe some of that was natural, but for the rest you gotta be joking! Have you seen anything natural on Earth look like some of that? If you have, post it in a video/photo response, please. Just because it's another planet doesn't change the laws of physics.

  • 420stillblunted#

    420stillblunted January 7, 2010 12:10:27 PM CET

    I would tend to agree with Dourselfafavor but the golf ball like dome things seemingly connected by tubes doesn't seem natural.I don't see a sphinx though.

  • Dourselfafavor#

    Dourselfafavor January 7, 2010 9:07:06 AM CET

    Craters and natural rock formations is all I saw. The guy undoubtedly has an overactive imagination.

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