Hyperinflation Making Preserving Wealth Uphill...

2009 is marked as the year hundreds of billions of American taxpayer dollars bailed out poor Wall Street’s big banks, only to see those same banks hit record profits by the end of the year, and much of the bailout money completely lost—never to be repaid, according to a recent report by the TARP inspector general. Meanwhile, $20 billion to $30 billion bonuses are expected to be handed out by these very same banks whose reckless behavior caused a financial crisis that the average American is now paying for and will for a very longtime… only because our government insisted “they are too big to fail”.

All this while, Main Street suffers despite pleas to stop the printing of excessive money and shut off the Federal Reserve’s endless financial faucet … Americans are losing their jobs, homes, and life savings. Hyperinflation is already increasing the prices of ordinary goods, leaving Americans wondering who is to blame and, more important, how can they preserve their wealth.

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