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Nostradamus 2012


  • 1opnmnd#

    1opnmnd January 9, 2010 6:03:00 AM CET

    Just some alternate ideas to throw in to the equation....in relation to The Hopi Indians belief of their ancestors may appear in the form of a blue rock/blue star spirit or Kachina (~58 min 15 sec and ~64 mins 38 secs), could this be Neptune; the solar system`s 7th planet, which is made up of a mixture of helium, liquid hydrogen, hydrogen, and small amounts of methane. Neptune also has a rocky core and %u201C%u2026its internal heat source radiates over twice as much energy as it receives from the Sun. Neptune also has a great storm in its southern hemisphere, named the "Great Dark Spot", which is about half the size of Jupiter's Great Red Spot and roughly the same diameter as the Earth.%u201D, (http://www.solstation.com/stars/neptune.htm, 1998-2007 Sol Company).Whilst it is currently only visible with a telescope could the changes in planetary alignment allow for Neptune to be seen with our naked eye?"Neptune is big but it is really far away. As far as the values for apparent magnitude go, they are approximates, as the Wikipedia article states "These are only approximate values at visible wavelengths". Seeing that the limiting magnitude for the visible eye is around 7.6 ({approximate} and with effort) and Neptune has a 7.78 apparent magnitude ({approximate}), that's a .18 difference, with approximations - not much. My guess is its just barely out of our unaided eye viewing. Small binoculars may work though. Additionally, light pollution could play into our inability to see Neptune with the unaided eye.%u201D, (http://www.physicsforums.com/showthread.php?t=362668 , December 12, 2009)

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