2012, Moorish Science

This is a music video from The Westside Mobb and is about True spirituality and Prophecy, the Mobb say that the Secrets to the Year 2012 are known by the Adept Master Minds Of The Moorish Nation who have been reincarnated. Because the Secrets of Moorish Science have been given to them by God, just like he gave it to their ancient forefathers the Moabites his chosen people. These Great Black Mound Builders who‘s creations still boggle the finite mind today, brought the world from darkness to the light through Moorish Science. Yes ! The secrets of life and the universe was given to original man the Moors, and they shared it with their brothers The Egyptians, The Phoenicians, The Aztecs and The Mayans. The small amount of knowledge Nostradamus had about our vast universe was child’s play, Beside ! He got it from Moorish Science given to him by the Moors, but the infidels(Damn Fools & Not Non-Believers)and the wicked(The Devil/Any Color Skin)still don’t know the True Secrets of Moorish Science and how it work, and they never will, if they did they wouldn’t be trying to guess what going to happen in 2012. The True Secrets of Moorish Science are not for Devilish Minds, such knowledge would blow their pea size brain into bits, because they can‘t comprehend such wisdom. They talk about everybody in their tv shows concerning 2012, except the Moors because they was and still are Black People, but the ones who have been reincarnated hold the Secrets of Moorish Science and no man in flesh can change that, They might not like it, but that’s the way it is. Descendants of Original Man who walk with God and have been reincarnated don’t fear no 2012 or death, because there are 7 ethers in the universe in which spirit man can exist on, whatever is to come let it come, they don‘t care because they overstand Divinity and Matter. But the evil hearted should worry, all the evil things you stand for and have did you shall answer for, Abortion(Legal murder), Street Murder, State Murder, mis-use of the poor and the list goes on. God is love, and he would never want an eye for an eye, that’s Devil talk. The changes you see in the planet’s climate and weather all over the world are just a taste, the worst is still to come…….Peace & Luv To The World, The Westside Mobb

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