UFOs just after sunset in Pebble Beach California

  • Uploaded by Hbreed on Jan 9, 2010
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I took this video through binoculars alligned with a mini cam, sorry about the shaking, it was difficult to allign the pupile sized holes freehand. This was taken in Pebble Beach California just after sunset, I believe after the sun dropped below the horizon it reflected light off of them making them visible, just a guess from the way they mysteriously appeared. There were 3 of them in a straight line, you will see them if you look hard enough. They very slowly and silently moved west in a straight line out into sea, then they sort of faded away in the mist. I had a 2 mile walk on a dark beach after the sighting back to my car. I kept looking back and did keep track of time... I hope? It was an amazing experience. Im glad I had my camera on me to catch this footage. I also added the pictures I took 20 minutes before the video in the pictures section. The time is near, visit my blog daily... http://searching4truth33.blogspot.com/

Lawrence Harvey

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