Car Size UFO's Over Hiking Trails in Acadia Maine

The Witnesses saw this while bicycling with friends @ Acadia Ntl. Park,


We couldn't tell what we saw, it looked like there was a super highway on top of the hill, but we were in the middle of nowhere & no sound it also looked like it could have been like 20-40 bikers all with the same flashing light, I don't know? Before this footage was taken there were more lights.

Personally I have seen these crafts while camping and around my hometown in Maine.

I flash them to get them to come closer there the same craft i can tell i have seen them so many times.

This Footage Seems to have been taken in The Summer time as you can hear the tree frogs.

Sorry about the bad quality as it was very dark as you can see.

A little accessive on the Language But what do you expect.

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