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Grey Alien Abduction

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Greys, also known as Roswell aliens, Zetas, and Reticulians, are aliens or extraterrestrial life forms that appear in purported modern-day encounters and other UFO-related paranormal phenomena. Said to be one of several species of aliens, greys make up approximately 75 percent of all aliens reported in the United States, 20 percent of all aliens reported in Continental Europe, and 12 percent of all aliens reported in Great Britain. The are responsible for most of the alien abductions on planet earth.


* Overall humanoid appearance. Bodies usually described as "formed out of a mold" with identical facial characteristics.
* Height of 3-1/2 to 4-1/2 feet with a weight of approximately 40 pounds.
* Two round eyes without pupils with heavy brow ridge. Eyes described variously as large, almond-shaped, elongated, sunken/deep set, far apart, slightly slanted, appearing "Oriental" or "Mongoloid."
* The head was large by human standards for the size of the body. It is often described as "pear-shaped." X-ray revealed a human-like mandible, maxilla, and other cranial bone structure.
* No ear lobes or protruding flesh beyond holes on each side of head.
* Vague nose, two holes with only a slight protuberance.
* Mouth a small "slit" without lips, opening into a small cavity. Mouth appears not to function for communication or food ingestion. There is only a hint of a tongue. There are no teeth. There is a membrane at the back of the mouth separating it from what would be the digestive tract. However, there is no digestive system or GI tract.
* Neck is thin, sometimes not visible because of garments.
* Head generally described as hairless, sometimes a slight fuzz. Bodies are hairless
* Torso is small and thin. In most instances, the body was observed wearing a metallic but flexible garment.
* Arms are described as long, thin, and reaching down to the knee section. The legs are short and thin.
* Hand is generally described with four fingers and no thumb with slight webbing between fingers. Two fingers appear longer than the others. Sometimes fingernails are reported.
* Skin variously reported as beige, tan, brown, tannish, pinkish, or bluish gray. Texture is scaly or reptilian, elastic and mobile over smooth muscle or skeletal tissue. No striated muscle.
* There are either no reproductive organs or atrophied reproductive organs.

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