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LIE ? WTF is NWO ? 1 -19 The Zeitgeist's Pope(s)

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From where I got these video series(I did as the producer of this video files ask;to make copie and post)

Reading a recent study based on a north-american survey, I found out that 90% of people think that religion is a

man-made fictive fabrication, which would mean that religion is a "conspiracy theory". The same survey also

showed that 90% of people believe, that the so called "conspiracy theory", is made by people with too much

imagination and too much time on their hand. But the real fun part was this, 98% of those same people again,

don't believe that there is a conspiracy behind religion. Do the math!
Who are those people? They are people who simply believe that Big-Brother is only a program on TV.

Research based from ancient Bible. Opinion on the New World Order.
The Birth of the Holy Roman Empire and its destruction in the last day at the hands of the Kingdom of God, as

prescribed in the book of Daniel the prophet.
Who is the whore of the revelations. Is it really a woman?
How it is that the religious system is governing every country leaders?
Why do we believe those two are independant from one and other?
What or who is the beast?
What does the merger of the whore with the beast means?
When this NWO political system was organised?
And if it was organised, who is its leader and who are the helpers?

Roman Empire Rules Today

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  • Ghis1964#

    Ghis1964 September 1, 2009 10:31:25 AM CEST

    thx,please read the message I left up-there also for everyone to read. I hope this will inspire you to search beyond everything anyone might think of.Peace

  • Ghis1964#

    Ghis1964 September 1, 2009 10:18:22 AM CEST

    Hi,This is for everyone.Yeah I'm not here often at all.I'm searching everything and even the far fetched ones. Then I leave the bones aside until a better understanding comes along to make me see whats left to bite in them and not waste time or ideas. I've watch almost everything that anyone have come up with;Icke, Maxwell, Jones, Freeman, Tsarion, Horowitz, Rick Clay, Flynn, Braden, Tesla, Deyo, Greer, Beck, Wilhelm Reich, Viktor Schauberger, Hoagland, Tom Bearden, John Bedini, Stubblefield, Jose Escamilla, Cooper, and maybe 30 other peoples. Project Camelot has lots of them too.From ancient 60000 years old history to the new energy from the vacuum research. From the sun-god and religions to UFOs. From the sons of gods to the rulers we have today and its economics. From ancient priesthood and shamanism to the drug-wars and who benefits from it. From the NAZI to NASA. From the masons to Builderburgs. Everyone of those topics are intertwinedingly working for the same goal, giving us the mess we have today, and if we let them, the worst is yet to come. Why it is a mess? By leaving our responsibilities to others, we have let ourselves blindly been ruled by superstitions and fears, and leaving to them all the powers, freedom, pleasures and peace we had. Yet, they still want more, and we are at the "take back what's ours" time. Kennedy was working to give us that opportunity (No, it's not gonna be obama). Kennedy was even working secretly with Khrushchev to trow down the iron curtain and go on the moon all together. Kennedy knew everything about the black opps and he told Khrushchev about it all, Khrushchev could hardly believe Kennedy, but went with its guts and agree. When the "Spider" figured out what was happening, Kennedy and Khrushchev were both removed from power each in the respective way we partly know today.The "lie" is big, really big. Even the space we are told to be desert is a big country, almost a big city that we were even a part of in ancient time. As I heard, we've been falsely led into a war and destroyed a complete civilization in our own solar system which became the asteroid belt, perhaps both of those belt. Peaceful aliens have a pretty darn good reason to wait for us to figure out and learn the truth. Malevolent aliens have been on this planet for a really long time. Personely, I've always find it kind of hard to see that we left our banana tree and went on to the moon in 100000 years lap of time, while reptiles have been here for 650± times longer than us, giving them plenty of time to leave and come back whenever they choose. And maybe also plenty of time to play "groundhog civilization" with us if that's the case again, that is if they have not themselves been tempered with by others in those times.Simply take the last 5 years of the technology "we know of" today, and multiply it by 650. Where would we be.At school, they teach us how to multiply and tells us "what" to multiply. Not beyond. They even carve our thought process to the way they themselves have been carved to think, to make sure that we would in noway dare to go beyond.Yes again, the lie is big. The time for truth is now. The revolution will be in the way we think, not in another fight or war.I see peace and real freedom ahead.PeaceGhis

  • Painters2000#

    Painters2000 December 27, 2008 7:42:07 AM CET

    This documentary is something which inspires awe\"

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