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G20 april 1st 2009 - "In peace We Come"

  • Uploaded by Viziondanz on Jan 14, 2010
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G20 april 1st 2009 - "In peace We Come" Climate change camp
Loving with the riot police - we are all on the same side

1+1=11 -- We Are S.Y.N.E.R.G.Y
"There is nothing wrong with our world,
we are just having a weird conversation"
"Reclaim the conversation"
"Our New World Order IS Love

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Social Acupuncture --

The FreeMind Project --

Sunrise Celebration 2009 -The Odessy Continues - Phoenix Rising From The Floods of 2008

The Synergy Project video--

"Obama - are you the new american zeitgeist" ? - from the global community

The Movement For Peace Enters A New Phase

"This is what democracy looks like" Dedicated to the child inside each one of us,
All the children and
All the children to come

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