UFO Hempstead United Kingdom 2004

Witness Testimony.

Hemel, Hempstead, United Kingdom-Saturday 12th June 2004

It was mid afternoon on the above date, the weather was fine and dry with mostly clear skies. My girlfriend and I were at a friends to have a Barbeque that I was to cook.

As my friends wife came out of the front door to go around to the garden, she noticed something in the sky and called us to have a look. I immediately realised that it was not your average aviation craft. The object was roughly over Junction 8 on the M1 in Hertfordshire as we were in Grove Hill and it was south to southeast from our position.

We stood watching it for a few minutes when two mid size propeller military aircraft flew overhead towards the object, they banked to the right and flew past it on a flyby.

I knew they were not Civil Aircraft. I have worked at Heathrow Airport for 10 years and had not seen this type of planes in my time there. Fortunately I had my camcorder in the car as I had only come back from Bournemouth the day before so I ran to the car to get it.

I started recording within five minutes of when we had originally spotted the object, as it took a little while to steady my hand and locating the object in the sky was hampered by the sun gleaming off the 3 viewing screen on my JVC Digital Camcorder.

I then knelt down next to the wall to steady my arm so I could get a better view, and then recorded the rest of the footage. My battery ran out after 5:40 mins, so I then continued to watch the object in the same location for another 10 or so minutes.

The object did increase its altitude at one point to several thousand feet, but came back down to its original position. Also one more military plane came back around and did another flyby, it was the same type as before, but on its own this time.

Unfortunately we had lit the barbeque and I had to start cooking. I kept popping back around to the front of the house every few minutes or so to see if it was still there, and it must have stayed in the same location for another 10 mins or so, but I went round for another look and it had gone. Sadly, I did not see how it departed which I kick myself for missing but too late to change now.

It took me the best part of 3 and a half years to find someone who could rip the footage from my camcorder and put it onto a DVD for me, unfortunately my friend put it on to a VOB format which I couldn't use to upload onto the Net.

I got another friend to help me get it converted last August. We had to find a free converter on the net, but it would only let me convert 3 mins as it was trial software, but recently another friend converted the full 5:40 mins which I have just uploaded onto You Tube.

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