Punjabi-Sikh is your spiritual abstract self - Qua

  • Uploaded by Nijjhar on Jan 16, 2010
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Many people visit Gurdwaras and throw out fiery speeches to impress upon them and they proclaim Sikh as a tribe or Qom. People are mostly from my own Jatt tribe and they are simpletons but devoted Sikhs. They are the ones who run most of the Gurdwaras and they would build expensive Gurdwaras and then bring a high quality sycophant from India to fleece them by uttering falsehoods called KOORR that ordinary person cannot analyse. Sikh is a Panth or a way of life and not the physical self that is born and die. Tribal people are born and die. No Sikh is born or dies. Jews became Jews of physical bodies that they are born and die, Jesus had to take a Virgin Birth. Sons of Adam, sons of Shiv, they are noble people and not the sons of Satan.
Watch my Videos and discourage those sons of Satan collecting your money by not paying them as some of those who sing praises or do KEERTAN, do not touch money at all. Such people work for God and not Satan and encourage them.

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