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GHOSTS OF PAST: Anunnaki Behind Biggest Wars?

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GHOSTS OF PAST: Were renegades Anunnaki behind of the biggest wars of the 20th century???

Many UFO researchers suspect that the main nations involved in WWI and II, were used as pawns by powerful hidden intelligences, interested in controlling the planet. The main elements of this theory were the involvement of German military and political elite with Mesopotamian occultism and the own roots of Nazism, emerged from secret societies branched from Bavarian Freemasonry, such as Thule and Vrill, that covered their activities behind the Nazi party. In this context, Adolf Hitler, a mediocre man, hit the power quickly, because of his remarkable ability to channel supposed Babylonian entities. This is the key to my theory that the nazis were used by one or more renegade or dissident Anunnaki who remained on Earth, after the departure of the original settlers. After to see a pic of Pearl Harbor, taken by Google Earth, I realized that both the Germans and the Japanese, as well as North-americans were heavily involved in a sinister occult plot, settled by ancient alien beings.

Coordinates to further investigation:

Pearl Harbour
21°20'38''N, 157°58'30''W

Washington DC
38°53'52''N, 77°02'12''W

Baalbek Terrace
34°00'25''N, 36°12'14''E

Coronado US naval base, San Diego
32°40'32''N, 117°09'38''W

By security reasons I won't give the coordinates around the Potala Palace, or the possible Amazon pyramid.

Data sources:

Sergio O. Russo



*The dialogue between ENKI and NINHARSAG is in the Chapter 8 "The wars of the pyramid", pag. 175 (The Wars of Gods and Men, by Zecharia Sitchin)

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