EARTH ANOMALIES: The Medicine Hat Face

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EARTH ANOMALIES: The Medicine Hat face... An alien work???

The NASA experts have been affirming that the face of Cydonia, in Mars, is a work of natural erosion... What could they say about the 225 meters (0.14 miles) long face of a native-american sculptured in an entire mountain to east of Medicine Hat, in Alberta, Canada??? In the coordinates 50°0'38.20"N, 110°6'48.32"W we can see the perfect profile carved with richness of details. In the same video I made a comparison with a perfect profile of an african-like male sculptured in the Saturn's moon, Titan. The interesting is that the area where this face was carved was named by NASA "Ontario Lake". Anyone dares to say what the probability of the faces of two Earth ethnic groups perfectly sculptured in the canadian relief and a moon of Saturn, have been made by natural erosion??? And if they were made by some extraterrestrial intelligence, would be possible that some ethnic groups have been "imported" to Earth??? The original NASA pic is available in

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