MYSTERY IN ANDES: Ancient City Found in Lake

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MYSTERY IN ANDES: Ancient city found in lake's depths.

Updated: According to peruvian people, descendant of ancient Incas, 25.000 years ago two deities were sent by Viracocha, to raise a civilization around the big Titicaca Lake: Manco Capac e Mama Ocllo (Son of the sun and daughter of the moon). I found something with GE in the depths of a small lake to north of Titicaca, in the coordinates 14°43'25.66''S, 69°21'20.01''W, that definitely seems to be a city with stepped pyramids, squares, roads and several buildings. According to Zecharia Sitchin, Viracocha was the Anunnaki king ISHKUR, that ruled the Egypt as Set-Osiris. If the first civilization admitted by scholars were Sumer, but the peruvian allege that the Inca empire started 25.000 years ago, then probably Ningishzida ordered Capac and Ocllo to build a fortress-like city in high mountains of Andes to avoid the notorious water cataclysm that indeed happened and maybe some os theses cities were flooded during these event, 'cos the lakes of Andes have salt water. Speculations away, this video has rare images to further investigation.

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