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Evolution Now! Quantum Physics Message to Humanity

  • Uploaded by Harlekin on Apr 7, 2008
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What we perceive as reality is only a canvas waiting for us to draw upon it any picture we want. Anything is possible, from bending spoons with the power of the mind to the phantasmagoric events experienced by Castaneda during his encounters with the Yaqui brujo don Juan, for magic is our birthright, no more or less miraculous than our ability to compute the reality we want when we are in our dreams. - Physicist Michael Talbot

If you're not new to quantum physics, you may well understand how it is very possible to transcend our reality, and in such ways as suggested in this video.

The source of all forms of evolution is consciousness, and when people discover their relationship to energy and the non-physical, they become that much closer to learning how it is that we are all connected as one and how we also effect each other at the psychic frequency of thought.

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