Rare Roswell Documentary Part 4-5

  • Uploaded by A.D.G. on Apr 17, 2007
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An excellent five part documentary that exposes the truth about the Roswell crash.

The group was formed in 1997 by Stephen Hannard, and since then has grown into a band of ufologists, whose aim is to release the truth concerning our celestial friends. We also intend to bring to account those government agencies around the world, who are witholding medical cures, free energies, and the proof that we are not alone in the universe. These Extraterrestrials have never shown any hostility toward mankind, and yet the millitary have fired upon them, shot their craft down, and killed countless of them in pursuit of the millitary advantage over our so called enemies. Politicians cannot be trusted as a rule, and they have no right to withold this information from the general public. They have classified it to such an extent, that most people still believe U.F.O.s are nothing more than light anmolies or aircraft. Governments lie, thats their funtion. The people as a whole must demand full disclosure on all things, and take away control of this matter from the politicians and the governments. An independant bodie needs to be set up, to investigate ways on how this information can be declassified, and released to the general public. Join Now...

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