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new species found

  • Djdamm
  • uploaded: Jan 19, 2010
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  • Gunzenbomz#

    Gunzenbomz February 18, 2010 9:15:27 PM CET

    Full of joy. lol oio (can you work that second one out?)

  • Dourselfafavor#

    Dourselfafavor January 20, 2010 12:58:46 PM CET

    no.......I am just finding difficult to believe that you can't find more IMPORTANT stuff to post other than this shit man....come ON......I mean there is going to be NO races in a year or so from now, we are all going to be wiped out period, so this is pretty redundant, dont you think

  • Djdamm#

    Djdamm January 20, 2010 12:32:49 AM CET

    hey...hope you feel better..watched some of your stuff...respect!

  • Djdamm#

    Djdamm January 19, 2010 11:37:18 PM CET

    having a bad night...doyourselfafavour get an early night

  • Dourselfafavor#

    Dourselfafavor January 19, 2010 11:31:48 PM CET

    yeah so much info i am BURSTING, my god you fukin tool

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