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Haiti earthquake aid, or army occupation - Al Jazeera TV reports - spsyed investigates...

Haiti earthquake aid, or USA army occupation - Al Jazeera TV reports Sunday 17 January 2010. Every country that richer than Haiti is trying to help, but only American government is sending armed occupation forces to build more bases, and never pull out. Karachi-based charity worker, Abdul Sattar Edhi, pledged cash as former US president George Bush ordered. Food rots and cash disappears without traceable accountability. Pakistan has also pledged to send others relief items. Other Muslim and Arab countries are sending cash or kind. Most countries are helping in any way they can, a lot more than what six billion people see, hear or read in the anti-Muslim media. Many Muslim-Arab states and charities gave America billions dollars after the recent, Katrina, hurricane. Many other Muslim countries provided aid relief, including: Indonesia, Turkey, Iran, Morocco, Jordan, Islam Relief USA/UK, Muslim Aid, etc. But, by a remarkable coincident, Muslims countries, where USA imposed and sustained despots, and has occupation army, have donated almost nothing!!!

The USA and EU countries are selling 99.9% of the weapons of mass destruction, impose and sustain despots in over fifty Muslim countries to rob and loot but donate little, lie to impose "wars" on, invade and occupy, weak countries, hire Blackwater XE to invade and occupy, kill unarmed civilians with drone attacks everyday since 2004, and contribute to global "climate change" that leads to such disasters, etc. The US chosen, imposed and sustained despots are too busy funding and subsidising the US and the EU economies with almost free oil and natural resources, bailing out sub-prime banks. More than two rich Muslim-Arab countries in the Middle East alone own almost ten percent of the USA Inc. So, who is helping the victims of Blackwater XE and the US drone attacks? Muslims have fantastic charity programmes. Alms giving, or zakat charity, one of the five pillars of Islam. Haitians need water, food, shelter, medicines, hospitals, schools, reconstruction, infrastructure, etc. Do they need army of occupation and bases?

For further information on response to the 2010 Haiti earthquake, check out wikipedia, preferably before commenting on the subjects, linked here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Response... and here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2010_Hai... ;

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