UFO Photographed in Wichita Kansas


Last week a Wichita man was out taking pictures of construction sites for his job when he said he saw a low flying, black shiny object.

He said heard a sound like a fan whirring. He looked up and saw the object drop down and streak past faster than anything he ever saw.

The man does not want to be identified because he's too embarrassed that people might think he's crazy.

He told KAKE News he's lived in Wichita all of his life and knows aircraft. He has never seen anything like this one before. After urging from his wife, he sent the picture to a UFO expert who posted it on his website. Now the picture is getting international attention.

Dirk Vander Ploeg tells KAKE News from New York he has seen objects in the sky that he believes have come from another planet. He said the picture from Wichita is a strange one, nothing like he's ever seen before.

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