UFOs Vancouver BC-2008 Caught by BigFoot Research



Witness Report.

3 Orbs observed us from a distance. Oddly enough that was the same number of people as in the group. Was one there for each of us ? It is not unusual for me to see these orbs in the woods now a days. This was intriguing because they did not fly away when we noticed them, this time. I have received new correspondence regarding bigfoot and this video: Hello trailrider If people knew what was in the woods at night they would be amazed. Not all Sasquatch are like the one in "Harry and the Henderson's" Some of them are monitored especially if humans are around. Some of them are dangerous, some of them also abduct and borrow stuff. After all, those who put themselves in the dark woods are free game. Nevertheless, harm only comes to those who have it coming. Most never know that they had a bit of tea with Sasquatch. Bigfoot is Not a threat to most humans but for some. They can harvest a few things including humans with little soul value. Human weapons are toys for them. They control the situation 100 %. But those higher level beings who monitor Bigfoot, can intervene and sometimes do, that too is wiped from the human mind. Many entities can and do enter our 3D reality on earth, especially in dark woodsy places. Most of them are harmless. Bigfoot has They have extraterrestrial technology they are not human,and their souls are not of this earth. Their relationship with ET is kindred in nature. Authors Name Withheld.

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