North American Union Part 1 PNWER

Ambassador David Jacobson relaying the Presidents message that PNWER is the working model for integration of North America.

Integration of Education, health, security, energy, shipping, railways, roadways, labour, etc.

As an observer in British Columbia the Democratic system of government has been replaced with a system leaning more to Despotism.

To hear the current Ambassador to Canada Ambassador David Jacobson echo the same stance as the former Bush Ambassador David Wilson very well stamps out any hope of change coming from Obama.

PNWER works from a small base of Capitalist and Politicians working to control all wealth in the region. So far they have been very busy setting up a massive electrical grid for the western part of North America. Gateway projects are under way to integrate the movement of goods and resources.

They are current leaders in taxation transportaion(translink), carbon(Tax) and cap&trade(market) being hallmark taxation to date.

Canada's two major political parties have join forces to keep the integration policy of one North America moving forward much the same as Mexico and the United States of America have.

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